Dear brothers, sisters and elders
My name is Dr. Ejaz Anjum. I grew up in Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Here is a little bit of my story and how my big dream includes you:

For two years, I worked long hours at a government hospital in Pakistan. I saw up close how women, children and families suffer from great poverty and painful illnesses. I saw how many terrible illnesses could be prevented and cured for just a little money–but so many good people have no doctors and nurses to help them. Their need is so great. Their hearts are so hungry for a reason to be glad.

I was haunted by the faces of mothers who suffered during childbirth and of fathers helpless to console them.

After praying one sleepless night, I knew my life’s dream:

I would go to United States. I would learn the best medical techniques I could bring back to my country to help the poor people. I would start a hospital in Kashmir and return to serve the poor for the rest of my life.

For 12 years since my dream began, I have been studying and working in United States. I have started construction of a 150-bed hospital on my own land, with my own money.

MMCF Hospital’s first phase of construction is now almost complete. I have a board of wise advisors in Pakistan ready to volunteer their services when the Hospital opens. I am really happy to see many good people attracted to make this Dream Hospital succeed because its purpose is honest and good.

I plan to go back to Kashmir permanently by mid 2014, to manage the Hospital. In order to buy necessary medical equipment and instruments, we need more funds. Let me assure you, as MCI Hospital’s biggest donor:

100% of your donation, no matter how small or big, will go directly towards much-needed treatment and procedures for the poor people. Every penny you give will be wisely invested in healing them.

Thank you for your trust and your kindness.


Dr. Ejaz Anjum”