MCI hospital and research center vital mission is to provide free, at-cost or very cheap medical treatments, including deliveries and operations and pre- and post-natal care, for the desperately poor, neglected women and children living in rural Azad Kashmir, and Pakistan.

An important part of our mission is to provide free public community education about effective methods for contraception and healthy pregnancy.

We also recognize the vital importance of proper nutrition for healthy mothers and new-born babies. Only a properly nourished mother can provide her soon-to-be-born-baby with the strength to survive and grow up healthy.

Because malnutrition is so widespread in those areas because of poverty, one of MCI hospital and research center’s crucial missions will be to provide healthy food to malnourished and poor pregnant women patients for one whole year–including after conception, during pregnancy and 3 months after delivery.

How will MCI hospital and research center, a strictly nonprofit organization, fund and achieve these ambitious goals? Its founder has an innovative plan that suits Kashmir’s economic situation :

By providing high-quality hospital care for 30% upper-class patients in part of one wing, MCI hospital and research center will generate a steady stream of funds for its core mission of helping 70% poor folk in the main wings.

All it takes to help these poor, good-hearted people is for you to join us with a little generosity and hope.