What Is Mother & Child International Hospital?

Mother& Child International Hospital is the only full service fertility hospital in AJ&K, that specifically treats infertility patients.

This is a non-profit hospital, treating patients according to their socio-economic status.

Who We Are?

We are group of foreign physicians aiming to provide international standard of treatment to the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Dr. Ejaz Anjum- A visionary founder of this project- relocated from America to serve his nation. Other than infertility hospital,

Dr.Anjum has other projects like food for poor; beautician, stitching and cooking courses to empower women to earn for living.

How we are different from other infertility hospitals?

We solely work to bring happiness in people’s life, without any greed of money.

We provide best infertility services; we have state of art German and American equipment along with state of art labs and foreign qualified physicians.

Why are we different from other IVF centers in Pakistan?

The pain of childlessness is hunger. We work to alleviate the pain of humanity. Unlike other centers in country, there is no greed for money at our hospital. If you are in some doubt, kindly ask any patient who has already visited our hospital or just visit our hospital to experience a true feeling of comfort at Mother & Child International Hospital