Prof. Dr. M.E. Hammadeh joins MCIH


MCIH is pleased to announce that the notable Prof. Dr. Mohammed Eid Hammadeh, Retired as head of Department at University of Saarland, Germany has joined MCIH..

Prof. Dr. M.E. Hammadeh, 62, originally from Syria, is one of the pioneers in IVF technology with over 100 published research studies in this field. Dr. Hammadeh is one of the first scientists who started IVF techniques in animals and in humans.

Prof. Dr. Hammadeh is appointed as a head of the research center and IVF department at MCIH. The addition of Prof. Hammadeh is a great blessing and success for Pakistan and for the people of Azad Kashmir, and for initiation of international research and treatment of IVF technology at our faculty.

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