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We are a high quality non profit full service fertility hospital offering IVF, IUI, gender selection and embryo freezing at economical cost. In many cases we provide free treatment to deserving patients.

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We specialize in a wide array of medical fields and have some of the best facilities.
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We offer IUI treatment for couples whose fallopian tubes are patent, and husband has good sperm count. This is a less invasive and cheaper alternative to IVF. At MCI hospital, we charge from zero to 7000 rupees for IUI treatment according to the affording capacity of the family.


In most cases, we do free and detailed consultation to diagnose the problem, that includes free consultation, free ultrasound, and free semen analysis. Blood tests ( if needed) would be done at cost price.

Gender Selection

Professional solution from our in house experts.


Mother and Child International hospital is the first hospital in the country that provides very economical IVF. We charge only 140,000 for complete IVF (excluding medicines around 40,000). This cost is a fraction of a cost charged at other hospitals in our country.

Embryo Freezing

Sperm freezing is an effective way for men to protect and preserve their fertility. It is most useful when the male partner is receiving medical treatment which could damage the sperm quality. 

MCI'S Other Projects

MCI hospital spends its 100% income to satisfy the expenses of its other projects.

There are as follows:

1- Food Project for the poor

2- Senior care home.

3- Free Eye Operations.

4- Water Filtration Plant.


In a conventional IVF procedure, a woman’s egg is combined with a man’s sperm in a controlled environment in the embryology lab in hopes that they meet and fertilize. 

Achieving pregnancy:

At MCI Hospital, we are dedicated to fertility treatment only, whether it is achieved by regulating the menses by medicines, growing follicle size, growing good size of endometrial cavity, boosting the male partner’s sperm count by herbal medicines or treating them for infection. IUI and then IVF are the last resort if all other treatments fail to achieve pregnancy.
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