In this article, you will learn about the different factors that impact your ability to get pregnant. If you are struggling with any of these aspects of your mental health, read on for more information on how each can affect your capacity for conception and what steps you may need to take next.

What is Mental Health and Why Is It Important?

Mental health is the state of someone’s psychological health or ability to function. It is important because it can impact every aspect of your life. Being in a state of good mental health can help you to lead a happy, healthy life.

Having poor mental health can impact how you feel, your relationships, and how you function in everyday life in many ways. Mental health is often described as a continuum with mental health issues on one end and good mental health on the other. Having a few mental health issues does not make you unhealthy, but it may affect how you live your life.

How Stress and Anxiety Can Impact Your Fertility?

Stress can affect your fertility in many ways. When you experience stress, your body releases the hormone cortisol. While cortisol is important for survival, when it’s present in high amounts it can have a negative impact on your fertility. Cortisol can affect your menstrual cycle and ovulation. In addition, it can cause your body to produce less estrogen and make it more difficult to conceive.

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